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Sensor fusion.




Currently sensor fusion is a field dominated by a rather exclusive group of experts. We strive for an affordable and flexible framework serving as a Swiss Army Knife of geometric sensor fusion, allowing even non-experts to work with a wide spectrum of motion estimation, calibration and 3d reconstruction problems. 


Shhuna Engine is a versatile cross-platform and runtime-configurable sensor fusion framework. It covers problems like real-time 6-DOF motion estimation, 3D  environment reconstruction as well as intrinsic and extrinsic sensor calibration. The user does not need to write a single line of code.

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With Shhuna Director - a graphical user interface built on top of the Shhuna Engine - you can rapidly and intuitively describe sensor fusion problems to be solved. It allows for drag-and-drop definition of scenarios, visualization of sensor data, reconstruction results and a convenient sensor calibration.

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Shhuna Simulator speeds up the development of sensor fusion systems by generating virtual sensor data. It supports video cameras (pinhole and fisheye, visible and IR), IMUs and pose sensors. The simulated data streams can be stored e.g. in rosbag files and used for evaluation of algorithms.

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Shhuna Hexagon complements the Shhuna Engine and Shhuna Director on the hardware side allowing for flexible arrangement of synchronized global-shutter video cameras and LED patterns. Shhuna Hexagon is being developed with high modularity and cost effectiveness in mind.

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Shhuna Engine can serve as a platform for numerous applications like:

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

  • Mobile and medical robotics

  • Home automation

  • Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality

  • Mobile entertainment


Sensor calibration

Estimating intrinsic sensor parameters, calibrating  spatial transformations between different sensors or between a sensor and a particular object is our daily routine. Profit from our expertise in this area.

Synthetic data generation

Minimize your projects risks at early development stages  by testing, tuning and rating your algorithms with synthetic data containing beautiful images synchronized  with positional or motion data, created to meet the needs of your applications.



If you are looking for support in sensor fusion, computer vision or augmented and virtual reality do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to assist you, bringing our know-how and experience into your projects. Additionally we can make use of numerous modules of our framework to speed up your development.


You have an idea fitting in our domain, but also difficulties to realize it? Ask us for a solution and use our experience in the cross platform development of algorithms and corresponding user interfaces.


The way to a customer's heart is through his eyes. We can make your system shine through a clean, modern and good looking user interface, both on desktop and a wide range of mobile devices.



Juri Platonov

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Juri has over fifteen years experience in the development of pose estimation algorithms, SLAM frameworks and XR systems. His interests cover robotics and artificial intelligence as well.


Pawel Kaczmarczyk

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Pawel is a passionate software developer and architect with more than thirteen years experience, mainly in computer vision and sensor fusion domain.



Humboldtstrasse 23

81543 München

Tel: +49 89 452 209 892

Fax: +49 32 121 079 448

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